Scene I - Inside the Kara

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As Renbee heads inside the Kara the garish new paint job is unavoidable. Blue and white flame are painted all along the hull and the nose wrapping around the cockpit viewplate.

GM:Make a roll vs WIS

Brent rolls a 13 vs his 8 WIS

GM:Make an additional d6 roll and subtract the result from the wisdom roll to account for Force Sensitivity

Brent rolls a 5, earning himself an 8 vs his 8 WIS

You notice the registry of the Kara has been changed but are unfamiliar with the registry number appearing on the vessel. Renbee has already ducked inside the Kara.

The facility the Kara is docked at is little more than a landing pad with servicing equipment nearby. You also notice several large containers scattered around the clearing.

Curious, Brent shields his eyes against the sun and squints at a few of the containers. 14 vs 8 WIS Seeing nothing particularly interesting, he spends some time walking around the Kara. The riceboy paint job is awful, but Renbee’s folks did quality repair work. Brent runs his fingers along the ship’s hull, noting the quality patchwork. Most of the hull patches are indistinguishable from the rest of the vessel. The frame appears to be straight, though there’s really only one way to verify that.

Kara’s loudspeaker suddenly crackles to life, startling Brent. A raspy voice on the other end calls out, “You coming, kid?”

Oops. Brent jogs up the ramp and toward the cockpit.

On you’re way inside the Kara you see the paint job doesn’t just cover the hull… Apparently Renbee’s boys took it upon themselves to decorate the interior in a similar fashion.

You reach the cockpit and find Renbee standing behind the primary pilot console with his digits resting on the top of the seat. “About time, kid,” Renbee rasps at you. “I didn’t think you were going to make it before sun down.” Renbee shuffles his feet briefly, “You ready to get started, kid? I’ve got some items of interest that need…” He pauses as dramatically as a Veloxi can manage, “Relocated.” Renbee clacks his mandibles in what is usually taken as a Veloxi laughing.

“No sweat, Renbee. Just point me at the right planet and I’ll deliver your things, no problem. I take it you’re coming along too?” Brent straps into his chair and pauses to think for a moment before prepping the ship for launch, “You don’t need to tell me what I’m moving, but it would be nice to know just how interesting these items are. That is, how interested other folks may be in…taking responsibility for them.”

“Ah… Initiative… I like that! No I wasn’t planning on going with you. I’ve got other things to tend to,” Renbee rasps. “I need you to take some power converters to Kish. It’s a decent enough world out here on the Rim.” Renbee continues, “There’s a fellow who goes by the name of Thadius who’ll be taking charge of the power converters once you arrive at the city of Akataot. He’s been told what to look for and how to contact you once you’ve secured your landing site.” Renbee holds a Republic credit chip in his hand, “This chip has about five thousand credits on it. That should get you to Kish and back and cover any fees. We’ll talk about further compensation when you get back.” The Veloxi clacks, “So… Any questions before you set off?”

Brent turns away from the console and smiles at the Veloxi, “Your power converters are as good as delivered, my friend.” He takes the chip and ties it to a leather strap hanging around his neck. Turning back to the controls, he continues his comprehensive pre-flight diagnostic. These old ships need a little extra love; even more so after major repairs. “Just out of curiosity, Renbee, did your people refuel Kara as well, or will I need to make a pit stop?”

Renbee turns to exit the cockpit, “You’re all fueled up, kid. Once you’ve dropped of the power converters think about enjoying the night life in Akataot.” Renbee raises an appendage in farewell as he scuttles down the ramp and out of site. A loud clank signals that the outer hatch has been sealed. The Kara’s intercom crackles with Renbee’s voice, “You’re clear from the outside, Hank. Once you’re finished with your pre-flight you’re good to go.”

Brent keys the mic, “Thanks, big guy. I’ll be out of here in a moment.” He waits another few seconds for the self check to complete and examines the numbers. Everything reports back as fully operational except for a minor engine coolant leak. Brent mutters something about having to repair it for the hundredth time and fires up the ship. He lets the engine warm up as he waits for a green light from an automated planetary traffic control system.

Seconds later, Kara is skyward, the only note of her passing a set of contrails. Brent’s gaze is fixed through the window as the blue sky slowly gives way to the inky blackness of space. He looks out at the stars with a nervous apprehension. He’s spent entirely too much time out here recently-and not in a good way. Hopefully this little delivery won’t leave him in a similar situation.

Brent activates the autopilot and taps a couple of keys on the console to access the hyperdrive computer. He enters his flight plan and expected departure/arrival coordinates, then leaves the computer to crunch the numbers. He rests his head back against the chair and closes his eyes, clearing his mind in preparation of the upcoming journey.

GM: Roll a piloting skill check against a 10 DC.

Brent rolls an 18: 6[d6]+4[d6]+1[d6]+1[d6]+2[d6]+1[d6]+3[d6]

The computer beeps multiple times announcing the flight plan has been computed and loaded into the navicomputer. The ship is ready to jump to lightspeed.

Brent’s eyes pop open. He takes one last look around the pilot’s cabin. This ship has been his only means of conveyance for the past twelve years. Thanks to Renbee, it may very well last another twelve. Outside, a ten trillion stars beckon him. Brent closes his eyes again, allowing himself to hear their call. He reaches out with his mind; for a moment it feels as though he’s connected to them. Ten trillion filaments of existence cast about the universe, all interconnected and intertwined. He can feel them. It’s like he’s touching something far grander than himself, something greater than all of humanity…or any race for that matter. Like it’s some kind of cosmic Force.

Brent’s shakes his head clear. Distractions always seem to pop up at the most inconvenient times. He taps a key on the console to activate the hyperdrive display, verifies his coordinates, and taps another to make the jump. The ship disappears in a trail of light. His new life has officially begun.

Scene I - Inside the Kara

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