Scene - Prologue: Glittering Gorgon - Ynned's Diner

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The entrance to the Glittering Gorgon, Ynned’s diner, is a high arch, at least four meters in height. The main room in the diner is brightly lit with garish red booths and worn wooden tables. The center of the room is dominated by a circular bar with random decorative objects that sometimes glow or buzz hanging over it. On either side of the room are several curtained arches. Behind the curtains, presumably, are more discreet locations for dining or other activities.

Behind the bar is Renbee Jamiroquai, a Veloxi, tending bar and generally observing everything that takes place within sight of his stalked compound eyes. Coming from the back, a likely location for the kitchen, Ynned’s rasping voice is calling out orders to the cook staff.

[The character recently received a message from Renbee about some transport work that’s why you’re here. I’ll be using brackets to display out-of-character (OOC) information.]

Brent enters the diner, offering smiles to the wait staff as he passes by. He is dressed in old work clothes; they are stained, but clean. Approaching the bar, he nods at Renbee and waits his turn to order.

“Good morning, Renbee. I’d like a diet Quafe. I hear you had some news for me?”

[is quafe okay? I don’t know what kind of drinks exist in the SWU]

As Renbee shuffles around behind the bar his eye-stalks swivel around towards you, “Ah… Hank Winkler!” He tuttles over to the beverage machine and sets to work. Renbee rasps, “A diet Quafe, it is! I don’t know how you drink the stuff, myself. Always reminded me of excrement.” Renbee clacks in amusement at his own joke. He sets the diet Quafe on the bar in front of you in a clean crystal glass. Renbee puts one of his apendages on the bar and props his head up with it, “So… Hank. You feel like making a few drop offs and pick ups for me?” His compound eye-stalks glitter in the light as he waits.

Brent settles into a bar stool and drops a few credits into an outstretched claw. “A few drop offs and pick ups, eh?” He runs his finger along the rim of the glass for a moment before looking up at Renbee, “Sounds like fun! I could use some time off this rock. Is my ship ready or will I be taking one of yours?”

Renbee drops the credits into a pouch in the front of his clothing. “Oh, you’re boat’s ready if you’d like to take it. I took the liberty of giving her a paint job… It’s pretty garish but no one’ll suspect you’re hiding from /anything/ in it.” Renbee clacks with amusement as he speaks.

[Roll a d20 against your WIS and post the result in brackets.]


Brent takes a swig from the glass and lets out a satisfied sigh. ‘Cool, refreshing, carbonated, and zero sugar. This is Quafe the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.’ He leans into the bar, “Garish works. Did you cover up the family crest painted across the bow? I’d like to keep it—if it won’t give me away, that is. That mural’s been on that ship for as long as it’s been in my family.” He takes second gulp from the glass, “I hope your drink machine never breaks, Renbee. I love this stuff,” he reaches into his pocket for more credits. “How about I grab one for the road before we go over the details?

Renbee’s eye bulge a little, “Look kid, I’m trying to help here. I had to cover the crest… You’re out-of-town friends would be likely to recognize it… Don’t you think?” Renbee pauses briefly and then refills your glass. “We’ll just add that to your tab, don’t worry about it.” He leans over the bar and claps you on the shoulder roughly. “Come on, Hank!” Renbee clacks his mandibles together. “We can talk about specifics on your boat, if you don’t mind?” He talks over his shoulder as he makes his way out from the bar towards the back of the diner.

Brent puts down his diet Quafe and taps a button on the small bar console at his seat. A door lifts open on one of the support pillars and a couplet of tiny droids glide across the bar to his glass. The dance around the drink for a moment, fighting over which gets to go first. Eventually, one applies a lid to the container and the other inserts a hinged drinking tube, then retreat to their pillar hideaway.

Brent stands and takes a sip from his glass, then follows the Veloxi to the rear of the establishment, “I’m right behind you, Renbee.”

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Scene - Prologue: Glittering Gorgon - Ynned's Diner

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