Sith Timeline

Taken from notes compiled by Sith historian Bocar Fann:

The Era of the Sith has had much darkness thrown on it in recent years but due to the recurring nature of the conflicts of such powerful Force wielders such as the Jedi Order and the Sith Empire I feel that adequate research has not been written about the Sith and their many attempts to gain control of the Galaxy.

Sith Era

For simplicity I shall refer to dates in the Sith Era format as the reference to the Battle of Yavin which has recieved much aclaim of late seems rather inconsequential in the grand scheme of the Galaxy.

SE 31,328

-Sith Resurgence

Under the leadership of a previously unknown Dark Lord, the Sith emerge from the shadows and begin to forge a new Sith Empire. Eschewing the practice of secrecy and having only two Sith Lords Darth Numidus first reveals himself and his new Sith Empire at the head of a Force-trained army of thousands and battle-hardend soldiers by the hundred thousands. Korriban, again, served as the epicenter of the event and the Sith spread from their ancestoral homeworld at a frightening pace.

SE 31,334

-The Fall of Coruscant

Darth Numidus’ battle fleet swept into the Sesswenna sector led by the great warship Medusa. Republic Admiral So-hun-Kang led the defense of Coruscant and prevented the capture of the Capitol of the Republic for nearly four months until finally the Republic’s supplies were exhausted and the Republic fleet was forced to withdraw or face annihilation. Admiral So-hun-Kang evacuated the Galactic Senate to Mon Calmari on the far side of the Galactic Core. There the Senate, under the leadership of Chancellor Qouri Movas, re-conveened and formally petition the Jedi Council, on Dantooine, for aid.

Sith Timeline

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