Celtast Wykd


Celtast is the formidable Headmaster of the Sith Academy on Korriban. With-in the confines of the Academy his will is absolute and even outside of the Academy into the nearby villages and towns no one would dare cross Celtast or an agent of his. Wykd is descended from a legendary Jedi who was slain during the Great Hyperspace War. His lineage alone is enough to garauntee a powerful presence in the Force but Celtast’s renown is not due to his ancestry alone.

Celtast stands slightly over two meters in height. The yellowing of the eyes common amongst wielders of the Dark Side is present in Wykd and his scalp is bare as he ritualistly shaves his head. When Celtast deigns to speak it is with harsh raspy words. His body is lean he and moves with blinding speed. The Headmaster wields a crimson double-bladed lightsaber, no simple task in itself, and is a master of it’s use in offensive and defensive combat.


Celtast Wykd

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